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Rescued from rust, this Torino Talladaga hits the salt with NASCAR power

A former road and oval-track racer, Larry Wilson decided to move to a racing discipline with less wheel-to-wheel contact. Land speed racing seemed appealing and, as a fan of ’60s muscle, he decided to search for a classic car that could scratch his racing itch and get his family involved as well. Having grown up owning Falcons, Mustangs, and Corvettes, Wilson was quite familiar with compact performance cars. Although he admired Ford’s larger performance and muscle cars, he’d never owned one. For this venture, though, they seemed like the perfect cars.


Wilson is old enough to remember Ford’s NASCAR homologation cars and Mopar’s winged response. The pointed nose and tall wings of the Superbird and Charger Daytona may have brought superspeedway success, but they didn’t win over the hearts and minds of new car buyers. That’s where Wilson thinks Ford got it right.


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My hats off to Larry Wilson. I sure appreciated the fact that he used a junk car to start. I'm one of those that cringe when someone cuts up a good condition original car. I've always owned vintage vehicles and always resisted the temptation to modify them in any way that involved cutting. I only changed what could be bolted on and later put back.

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