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Hagerty Employee

Report: Camaro to be replaced by "performance EV sedan" in 2024

Automotive News is reporting that Chevrolet plans to keep several internal-combustion vehicles in the pipeline as it makes a switch to electric, noting that pickups, especially heavy-duty models, will still have plenty of consumers demanding the power density of fossil fuels. The Camaro and the Malibu, however, will reportedly "ride out the current generation before making way for EVs."

They all will be replace at some point. 

But If they replace the Camaro coupe with a they need to use a different name. The Camaro is not a sedan or an EV and it deserves a new name. 

Name equity is important and calling it a Camaro will hurt more than help. 
The Ford Mach E would just be called an Mach E and left off the Mustang name. 

Chevy failed by using the Blazer name on a non off road vehicle. Nomad would have been better suited to the CUV. 

If they want to do a sedan how about a Chevelle name that has not been used for decades and actually was a sedan.


Then as EV become more accepted Bring back a Camaro as a coupe as it is. 


"Malibolt" or "Malibatt" just doesn't sound right... neither does "Corvolt."
New Driver

Performance aside, I've never been able to get past the design since the nameplate was re-introduced. With that said I won't be too upset to see it go. As for its 'replacement' perhaps Brandan is unknowingly predicting the future and we may see a return of the ChEVelle. If not, ChEVy is passing up a golden marketing opportunity here, don't you think?

Just like the Chevy Volt. The only time I've ever seen any of them in numbers is at Chevy dealers stack parked and waiting for sales that never happened. I've seen precious few on the road equal to the fingers on one hand in ten years. I'm guessing the rest of them are being scraped and will be resurrected with a Camaro badge sticky taped on them.

Sad but true EV,s will rule the planet in the future just not my future as Iam sure somebody back in the late eighteen hundreds said about the barn full of horses and buggys good news is tons of all our favorites of today out there for sale just get a bigger garage and enjoy the sounds of our gas burners it will be awhile before they are dust collectors long before that time I will be dust.Cheers R
New Driver

Until they get way past a 300 mile range (like 1,000 miles) I won't be buying any EV, no matter how fast or powerful! Have you seen hotel prices lately? My wife and I team-drive 900 or more mile trips several times a year.

Yep we live in the north a trip to a cruz hot spot 120 mile round trip let alone actually going anywhere and where is the range with A/C on or when the heat is on I presume in the toilet but nobody so far has posted the range with these options turned on some mornings here in Jan/Feb it can be in the -35 F range so hows does that affect battery power/range defrosters on full tilt with a max 300 mile range I cant even get far enough to see family in the south Iam with ya 1948 its just not for me.Rob

Intermediate Driver

Why can’t they just make an electric Camaro while keeping the original body?

Generally EV cars are engineered differently to better package the drive line and battery. 

It is due for a change anyways. 

The question is will the coupe market return or continue to decline. 2 doors are a difficult sale anymore, 


 The first thing that needs done with electric cars. Stop the stupid electric names. It is cute at first but it is time to move on to just real name. 

We don’t call a Corvette Gasvette do we? 

Marketing has really gotten unimaginative and lazy anymore.