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Hagerty Employee

Remembering driver and presenter Alain de Cadenet, 1945-2022

Few race car drivers have managed to move as seamlessly from the cockpit to the television camera as Alain de Cadenet, who died last week at age 76 in California after a battle with cancer. Alain de Cadenet was born in 1945 near the end of World War II to Maxime de Cadenet, a lieutenant in the French Air Force, and his English wife, Valerie.
Pit Crew

Sorry to hear of his passing. I believe Speedvision is the channel where his most memorable work was done. He was great on all the shows.

Speed Channel was a fox abomination that tried to force Nascar on car nuts who prefer to turn left AND right.

Legends of Motorsport is still my all-time favorite documentary series. Looked forward to every new episode. In particular because it gave us automotive history in a time right before the internet first blew up.


Sad to hear this news. He did some really interesting things during his lifetime. A life well lived.
His "Victory by Design" series are some of the best auto and racing info documentaries out there still to this day.
Still enjoy watching the videos on YouTube.

I missed him on the races and his TV series driving the great cars. 

New Driver

My wife had a crush on him and he couldn't have been nicer when we chatted once at the Monterey Historics. Loved his TV shows and especially the video of him being buzzed by the Spitfire...that was a classic!


Sorry to see Alan go. Watched his presentations every week on the old Speed Channel. Hadn't seen him on TV since. Now I know why. R.I.P. Maybe MotorTrend can rerun some of his old shows. I'd certainly watch them again.

Do not really watch any of or have gotten into those channels because of so much moving around and working over the last 30 years. Seeing youthful pictures still did not who he was until reading all he did and I thought, oh this guy did a certain series before the guy that is very impressionable did it that I like. Last picture showed me he was the guy. I have Victory by Design DVD's and his way of talking, demeanor, presentation knowledge, personality and interaction with the camera like you are right there with him really enhanced that series. I thought he must actually be a pretty good driver because a lot of people let him drive some pretty rare and expensive cars and now I know. It is too bad eventually we are all going to get old or sick or both. I even feel this loss he was very impressionable