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Hagerty Employee

Redline Update: The shop gets a new tool! | Hagerty Media

Davin is particularly excited for this latest episode of Redline Update, as the Redline Rebuild garage takes delivery of a new piece of equipment. The fresh acquisition will speed up restoration involving of all kinds of mechanical parts that would previously have to be sent out. So what is it that has Davin grinning?
Pit Crew

I've had experience with sandblasting, glass bead blasting, etc. Was aware of Vapor Honing and saw results and always thought glass beads gave same effect. Not until recently i've had the vapor blast process done on two of my aluminum Sachs engines. The results where great and I'm a believer. The finish it left is almost a low sheen that allows a quick wipe if oil or grease gets on it and it doesn't alter the color of the aluminum. I'll be doing more with my local Vapor Honing Specialist on future restorations for sure.