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Redford’s “Great Gatsby” Rolls could be yours—just don’t let Daisy drive it

Whether or not you think F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is better than the four movie and TV adaptations that followed, the star car in Francis Ford Coppola’s film version of The Great Gatsby is likely more magnificent than anything the author could have imagined ...


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Great article. Ted Leonard was a longtime Volvo dealer in Seekonk, Massachusetts. ("Seekonk," btw, is a Native American onomatopoeia for "geese," as in see-KONK!) In Leonard's showroom in the early 1980s there was a vintage Rolls that had a manniquin of Woodrow Wilson. There was a card stating that a bunch of Princeton alumni had bought the car for Wilson. But I assume that was a different car.


My personal opinion is that whoever cast Robert Redford as Gatsby had not bothered to read the book. Gee, what was "Gatsby" 's surname, before he Anglicized it? Hint: GATZ. And why do you think that the Jewish mobster Meyer Wolfshiem told Nick that he (Meyer) and Gatsby had a "connegtion"?




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