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Hagerty Employee

Re-live the 80s with this collection of mid-engined hatchback racers

A private collection of five of the Eighties’ most awesome race and rally hatchbacks is up for auction.


While the kids of Hawkins, Indiana were investigating Stranger Things, Europe’s rally championships were ablaze with Group B action. Britain’s efforts were led by the Austin-Rover group and its MG Metro 6R4, while France took to the stage with the Renault 5 Turbo. This epic collection, for sale by Silverstone Auctions in November, has both ... Catch the full news on



The R5 Turbo is an incredible car, in street trim or full race.


I'd love to have one, just not at their current asking prices. Too many other cars available for high five/low six figure money that I'd rather have.


Purebred editions like this? I'm sure it's going to be way more than I'm willing to cough up. 

Intermediate Driver

Nice cars for racing but not my type when it comes to sinking coin into projects.  I have about 100 other rides in line first.

Intermediate Driver

To find not one but TWO MG's here makes my day.  I have a  soft spot in my heart for the sacred Octagon brand,  And just to own something so quick, aggressive, and stealthy (as in public perception, not the livery) would be vastly satisfying.


I personally won't bid on any of them.


Never heard of these things... not a must have at all.

Hagerty Employee

people go wild for the R5 turbos. i think they're pretty wicked and funky/cool

They could have shaved 5 lbs. off the weight if they'd have left off the stickers.  But I know -- It's the stickers that make it go faster.


Back in Newport Beach ,Cali in the mid 80's I had the BEST job for an 18 year old. I was the lot boy/driver for a grey market dealer. I was able to drive MBZ 500SL's, Ferrari Boxer , BMW M1, 635CSI , Baur 323i Cabriolet, Porsche Kremer 935 etc... One of my favorites was a client from Mexico's Renault R5 Turbo II. What a thrill jamming traffic on the 405 freeway to Beverly Hills and then having the chance to rip through Sunset Blvd. and Hollywierd Hills... A real hotrod go-cart!!!! I can't believe how expensive this little car is today!!!!

Community Manager

Yup, you won the "best job for a teenager" raffle.  WOW


lancia delta integrale? musta been a cellica hatch, alfa, audi?