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Hagerty Employee

Rare barn-find Siata ends 50+ year slumber with hope for restoration

Anyone in the restoration business knows that, when the phone rings, you never really know who or what will be on the other end of that line. Even when those magical words-"barn find"-enter the conversation, there's no telling if it's going to be a gem or a dud.

I know nothing at all about Siata, but I know what an interesting car is, and this is one! Sounds as if it is in the right hands to bring it out of slumber and get it back into the world. I'd like to learn more about its racing history, so I hope there will be some follow-up stories as everything is discovered.

Wonderful find, it looks to be very solid. I suspect it could just be recommissioned, rather than restored.

The 300BC used a lot of Fiat Topolino (the original 500) bits and pieces. That radiator with the oddly shaped upper tank is definitely Topolino, and once perched atop the transverse leaf spring front susension, which is also visible just ahead of the engine. The seats also look like Topolino seats. The 1936-55 Topos were the basis for many small Italian cars of the period, from little two seater bodies to drop onto stock Topolino chassis (like our Model T's) to full-out race cars using Topo suspension and larger engines, as with this Siata.

Siata also made a twin cam cylinder head for the 569 cc, 13 hp flathead Topolino engine, boosting the horsepower to 28 with the addition of a second Weber carb.

The very first Cooper Formula 500 cars used Topolino front suspensions at both ends, giving 4 wheel independent suspension.

Never heard of Siata but it makes me think of Miata due to the name. I would like to know more about them.
Intermediate Driver

Not likely but do you think the Stewart Warner gauges and Sun tach are original equipment? Whole dash looks like a cut a cobble
Intermediate Driver

Cut and cobble
New Driver

I spent some time with this car this morning in Cleves Ohio. My friend Ellis may put a Crosley motor in it. Rear end pumpkin is missing from car. Would be neat to find it or another one! Car is in good hands with Ellis Hubbard !
New Driver

Hi, I would love to get in touch with Ellis Hubbard, we believe he owns one of the siata we are looking for information on...Could you please put us in touch ? contact(a) Thanks