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Raptor-like Ford Bronco spied with super-wide stance

Ford has already laid out plenty of details about the many 2021 Ford Bronco trim levels, but there’s even more in store for the boxy off-roader, as fresh new spy photos reveal. It looks like a Raptor-like version of the Bronco is coming with an even wider stance than the 35-inch-tire-wearing Sasquatch.


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I saw an early tacoma this morning,  silver 4x4 king cab, not double cab, man it was nice looking, and I thought to myself, why don't they make a more compact, lighter weight really cool SUV?  I guess the size of a CRV or RAV4... but cool!  Tall, upright, great greenhouse viewing setup, off road capable.  

Hey Bronco, make a new 'Bronco 2'?  It'll never happen.  Bronco 2 pickup?

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