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Racing Knights: 8 of the speediest sirs in motorsports | Hagerty Media

Lewis Hamilton woke up in 2021 with a new title to add to his seven Formula 1 World Championships. Arise Sir Lewis, who now follows in the tire tracks of a surprisingly small number of racers who have been awarded the highest honor Her Majesty has to offer.

I have watched many a old film clip of the early pursuers of speed in open cockpit open wheel cars with little to no safety devices or primitive at best these fellas had large sets more daredevil's than racers pushing limits unheard of in those days,always thought it was so cool that Chevrolet's racing and performance can be tracked back to the early 1900,s and Louis Joseph Chevrolet.R
Pit Crew

Sorry, but you blew it! No list of this type is complete without Jim Clark.
Pit Crew

Jim Clark received an OBE but wasn't knighted, so sadly, despite his prolific talent, doesn't make this list.