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Racing a vintage Volvo in Mexico, two brothers find the “Spirit of La Carrera”

In October 2019, Jorge Eduardo Muñoz rode his BMW motorcycle through the night from Aguascalientes City, Mexico south to Oaxaca to deliver a steering box for a disabled 1965 Volvo 122S. Just hours before, Chris and Jeff Mason had crashed their race-prepped Swedish sedan during qualifying for La Carrera Panamericana—a modern revival of the legendary sports car race across Mexico that ran in the early 1950s. A frantic search for a replacement box turned up just one; it was in a rusted Volvo at a BMW restorer’s salvage yard … 10 hours away.


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I owned a Volvo 122S new in 1996 for 3 years. Put on 1in wider 5.5" Ford wheels Abarth exhaust. It cornered really well for the time (Previous car a Mini Cooper S-baby read bigger car.