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Hagerty Employee

Race-winning Jaguar D-Type could sell for $7.5M | Hagerty Media

Jaguar's revolutionary D-Type melded an aluminum monocoque chassis with a stirring DOHC inline-six powerplant-and a gorgeously curvy body. The race car left no guessing as to its ambition, as its body was carefully sculpted to slip through the air.
Hagerty Fan
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This D type has no entries or wins in any prominent races which means for the predicted $7.5 million this car has no pedigree.
Pit Crew

That is weird to see a D type in red. It doesn't look natural to my British Car Loving eyes.
Intermediate Driver

I could live without the fin for aesthetic reasons, but not without the whiplash protection that it provides. Not that I could afford a multi-million dollar sports car. I'll stick with my Carmen red over tan e-type coupe at a hundredth of the price instead.

I think E-Types are just as beautiful as this D so I say you got a bargain.

Beautiful car and photography, although I would have parked the car 10" further left in the sideview shot. I may be in the minority, but I think the car looks sexy as hell in red; it's nice to see one in something other than BRG. Now where did I put that spare $7.5 million I had lying around?

Red, green or any other colour, with or without the fin, or whether it has a chequered past or not, I'd have it, thank you. Beauty personified.

I love it! My older brother had a metal scale model of this car back in the 60's.

Perhaps the strangest experience of my working life: When I was working as an independent auto damage appraiser we occasionally did some work for Lloyd's of London. This would have been in the 80's I believe. One day I got an assignment to look at a D Jag located at a body shop in of all places, Hayward California. I was very familiar with all the shops there but had never heard of this place. I drove out to the address, which turned out to be what appeared to be an abandoned building in a low key neighborhood with very little traffic. There were no signs or identification anywhere on the building. I knocked on the door and it was answered by a man speaking in hushed tones, who admitted me in to the place, where there were two other men speaking in equally hushed tones. There were no lights on in the building, no work going on, and there didn't appear to be any tools either. I believe the Jag was the only car in the barn sized building. They immediately informed me that I wasn't allowed to touch the car, or even get within touching range. I told them that I would have to photograph the odometer and VIN plate and one of them took the camera out of my hands and took the photos for me. If memory serves, the place was so dark I had to do quite a bit of the inspection using a flashlight. None of them offered me a business card or any other ID. When I left I half expected to look back and see that the building had disappeared. To this day I have no idea what the hell was going on.