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Hagerty Employee

R.I.P. Subaru WRX STI, Aston's last V-12 Vantage, Porsche and Pixar bring Sally Carrera to life

Intake: Subaru's WRX STI has long represented the pinnacle of performance for the brand, eschewing the granola-munching reputation associated with the Outback and Forester for a rally-born, no-holds-barred rowdiness. With the new WRX now in play, we expected a hotted-up STI version to be waiting in the wings, but those hopes were in vain.

That De Tomaso, bella! Not an EV! Manual transmission! Good Heavens, what is going on? Love it.
Hysterical that they are doing cold weather testing; as if any of the owners will be out in the snow with their example.

Is it me or are companies on their last leg trying to cash-out big? Aston is a shell of its former self - not that it ever made that much money when they randomly made money, but they are hemorrhaging cash over there and are possibly the only "elite brand" that didn't see a surge in their volume from the covid cash. De Tomaso? Really, $1M for a ford coyote engine powered car?!? De Tomaso wasn't all that great in their heyday, not sure how they command $1m for a gussied up ford.
Intermediate Driver

Did you ever drive a Pantera? I think if you had, your perception would be far different.

The STI is dead? Yeah I'm not surprised. Subaru's commitment to rally died and the WRX and STI while better than the last generation need major updates which Subaru is not prepared to do in the future "electric age". I guess they figured a WRX is good enough for now. Subaru has not been interesting to me for quite awhile.
Advanced Driver

I was hoping for something a little more Pantera-esque from Detomaso. A cut-rate Ferrari fighter with a supercharged coyote would be more than nice.
Advanced Driver

I was also hoping the upcoming STi would rectify some of the poor exterior design choices of the WRX. So much for that!

The path of Subaru is just another sign of reality that shows they are faced with the major changes like most automakers and they need to figure out what they need to do and how they are going to pay for it. 

This is so much bigger than the life or death of a fame performance model. 

Intermediate Driver

My first two cars were a 2000 outback, and then a 2004 WRX. I have owned 4 subarus in total, including an 05 WRB 5 speed wagon and a 17 WRX which i bought new off the showroom floor. With the death of the STI, i am officially off the platform for good and will never buy a new subaru again. i hope WRX sales (~20-30k a year) are punished and forces a re-think of their strategy, like with the 2011 emergency WRX refresh.