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Hagerty Employee

"The Holy Grail": What makes the 300 SLR coupe so valuable

When we first heard rumor that Mercedes-Benz had parted with one of the 300 SLR coupe for a record price, we asked Karl Ludvigsen, who literally wrote the book on Silver Arrows, what made it so special. First, he said, "Holy mackerel! That's the holy grail!"

John DeLorean was a fan of the 300SL. He (or more likely, his company) owned one for a few years. I remember reading somewhere that the DeLorean had gullwing doors because of John’s love for the Mercedes.

Simple. It was based around a real race car but was built for the streets. 

This car for its time was the McLaren F1 of its day. It held exotic materials, it had fuel injection, disc brakes. Tube chassis, 


The Doors were not a gimmick like Tesla they were how they worked around the chassis and were there for a reason.


This was the car that linked the F1 cars of Fangio to the street cars of the 300 series. 

Many cars like the Daytona were just body changes where these two coupes were the whole package. 

Being there were only two coupes rarity is even more vs the 250 GTO.

These cars represented the high point of Benz racing for the last 50 years. It also was the end for a while due to LeMans in 55. 

Imagine had the car had not gone in the crowd where Benz racing may have gone? 


If your referring to the Daytona coup, That body had it's own blue printed frame. It was it's own car.

Wow, great to see a Karl Ludvigsen article at Hagerty! I still have his wonderful Corvette book from when I was a youngster.
Advanced Driver

The "raised hood scoop" (seen in the Untertürkheim test grounds pic of the 300SLR) was being high-speed tested for use on the 300 SLS American special (a 300 SL roadster modified to meet Sports Car Club of America racing standards) at a time (well pre-1957) when the 300 SL was not attaining the speed ranges at which the scoop was designed to be HP additive.