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"The Foosenberg?" Redesigning a period-correct Duesenberg | Chip Foose Draws a Car - Ep. 8


The "Doozy" nickname came into pop culture for good reason: Duesenberg's superior engineering inspired the term of praise and admiration, and, over 80 years after the company went defunct, the monker still has merit. Chip Foose never had the honor of transforming a Duesenberg into a "Foosenberg," so, in this latest video, he puts himself in the place of a proper coachbuilder of the prewar era. This is not a restomod by any stretch of the imagination.


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I love it, how about a Mercedes 540K?  

As far as the other comments: when you have a Duesenberg, do what you want, that was what they did with Duesenbergs back then, so for God's sake why can't Chip do it?  "I haven’t seen Chip sawing any fine grained ash wood sourced from the Western Appalachians lately. "  Then you prove him wrong!

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