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"Rebuilt" is a relative term when it comes to engines | Hagerty Media

Buying a classic car can be an uncertain proposition, especially when it comes to words like "restored" or "rebuilt." "Restored" can refer to any number of finish levels, with terms like "body-off," "concours" or "rotisserie" tossed around with abandon. The same sort of ambiguity applies to the term "rebuilt," particularly when it comes to an [...]

I have never been confused here. Rebuild is the full replacement or refurbish of the engine or portion of the engine.

Paint cans are not a rebuild.

You rebuild the entire engine or you rebuilt that portions.

Long and short blocks are replacements. They can be rebuilt but you do not do that.
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On rebuilt engines, this is not good advice. They hardly last 5-50k miles on average. They won't last as long as a new engine unless you obtain computer controlled machining like a crate engine.

When buying a restored car documentation like receipts, photo and detailed info in a note book is your best friend.

To me these are added value if you should sell or if one was to buy a classic and especially a Hot Rod.

To be honest host restored cars and most engine done right are to a higher standard than most originals.

Years ago engine did not have the metals we have today for bearings and rings. We have better sealing materials and often known issues can be corrected.

But to know if these were addresses. Photos and documents are key.