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Hagerty Employee

"My Mother the Car" is the worst automotive TV show ever | Hagerty Media

If you think you've seen every car show on TV, odds are you haven't seen what is possibly the worst car show ever produced. Featuring a truly cringe-worthy title, the sitcom My Mother the Car concerned small-town lawyer David Crabtree, who buys a dilapidated 1928 Porter touring car only to discover the car is the reincarnation of his deceased mother.
Advanced Driver

While certainly not a classic, I don’t recall the show being much worse than many other sitcoms of the day. The car conceit was interesting, and Avery Schreiber as the villain was fun. What do I know though, I was just a dumb kid.

It was the 60’s and that kind of show was the norm for back then. 

Heck in the 80’s we had a black talking car with another second rate actor and people raved over it. Maybe if Jerry Van **bleep** blew something up with his mother it would have changed some minds. 

God I hated night rider owning black Pontiac. I wish it was a Mustang or Camaro. 

Pit Crew

The worst TV show of all times was Malibu U. My Mother the Car doesn't even come close.
Malibu U was a (1968? 1969?) summer replacement series that consisted of revealingly clad women dancing to bland, middle of the road pop, on a beach. That music sucked. Think of a band like Up With People for the kind of sound. It had no plot, ever. It just exploited photos of women and their bodies. Thirteen whole weeks of this supposed musical variety show. Except there was no variety, just these choreographed women.
Mother was pretty fluffy and inconsequential, no doubt. But it was no worse than Please Don't Eat the Daisies, Family Affair, My Three Sons, or Nanny and the Professor, which ran about the same time. There was a lot of bad TV comedy in the sixties. That's why TV was called the idiot box back then.