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Hagerty Employee

"It's Alive!" Davin takes our 1950 Chevy pickup for a drive | Redline Update


The Redline Update 1950 Chevrolet five-window truck has been hanging around the garage for almost an entire year, needing work at every turn in the hopes that one day the mighty 216 inline-six will fire up and propel the truck out the door and down the road. That day has finally come.


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New Driver

Hi, i have a question,  Is it possible to tell me what # filter you have on that truck?? i have a 51 chevy fleetline 235 6cyl and im' having a hell of a time trying to get the correct one. your filter looks as long as mine. both oil lines come out of the bottom of the can. My email is I hope i'm not breaking any rules here, if i did i apologize . 

New Driver

Well done Davin (and nice mustache!).  It does seem as though it would have been easy along the journey to completely restore the truck, but alias you had said all along it was not that type of venture!  (Owner of a '54 1st series 3100).

New Driver

why in the world did you use those ugly trailer wheels?