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Hagerty Employee

"Caged" latest Mustang build from Ringbrothers' stable

Ringbrothers, the Spring Green, Wisconsin custom-car builder, has unveiled its latest creation-a bespoke 1964.5 Ford Mustang convertible known as "Caged." The design objective was to evolve and modernize the original Mustang's lines while honoring the aesthetic of Ford's original pony car.

I don't want to sound like that guy...okay, maybe I do...but this is my favorite out of all the Ring Brothers projects. 


I agree. Initially I was'nt even going to look, I don't like over the top customs. But this is done nicely and still looks like  a 65 Mustang. 


It's the best build of theirs, simply because I'm having to spend a lot of time looking at the car and trying to see what was done and what wasn't...which is the mark of an excellent car builder.

I could stare at this for hours.

I could drive it for even longer.


It's funny, just the other day I was thinking of early 60s hubcaps and how quite a few of them look like mag wheels before the factory did that.


I was thinking has someone done the 62-62 Impala style spinner hubcap as a billet wheel and would it look good? (The spinner center makes me wonder) Then I thought of the early Mustang hubcap and was thinking you would have the really open spokes and it would look too modern.


And ring brothers does the wheel with blackout paint and it is brilliant, better than I imagined.


The car is great too of course.