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Hagerty Employee

Pumped up Purple 930 meets a Healthy ZL1 Camaro Clone | The Appraiser - Ep. 9

On this episode of The Appraiser, Colin's appraising a Chevrolet Camaro "ZL1" Clone that isn't as polished on the inside as it is on the outside- and that may make Colin's final number lose its luster with the owner. There's also a Porsche 930 Turbo that was turned up all the way to 11 back [...]
Advanced Driver

Quite a pair. Fake COPO with "quick flip at Barrett Jackson" written all over it, versus a hotted up Porsche with "long term loving ownership" written all over it. That was fun.

I'm trying to figure out whether I like the owner giving their valuation right up front. It was neat hearing them side by side at the end of the segment too. I guess it doesn't make that much difference.