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Hagerty Employee

PSA + FCA merger forms parent corporation called … Stellantis?

After Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the Peugeot Société Anonyme (PSA) Group announced their merger back in December of 2019, the companies announced via press release today a new parent company with a, let’s say, unique name: Stellantis. 


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While not fussy on the Stellantis choice (more indifferent than disliking) this isn't a bad idea.


PSA makes me think Public Service Announcement and calling it PeugotFiatChryslerCitroenVauxhallOpelDodgeRamJeepEagle...etc. is a bit unwieldy.


I probably  would have called it Euro-American Motor Corp. and re-used the late 60-70s AMC iconography including dealership branding/building styles, etc. in North America. Just as EMC.

New Driver

The common guess was PFCA, which made more sense than some Proctor and Gamble marketing name.
This is a typical Euro-lack-of-understanding the American market. It is likely the US will get a bunch of lame, euro sedans, that will be as succesful here as the Re-introduction of Fiats and Alfa Romeos are. 


From experience, if you get a car made by PSA and FCA you better belong to AAA. ( I have a Doctorate in Automobiles from Charred Tush University.)

Advanced Driver

One could argue that the 'takeover of Chrysler' by MB worked just the opposite.  Case in point, prior to the merger, the RL129 SL ran a quad-cam V-8.  Afterward, dual-cam.  Similar changes are sprinkled around.  Rather that pulling Chrysler up, the merger seems to have pulled Mercedes down, an action it is still struggling to overcome.

Community Manager

That is true, but I think the Chrysler acquisition had little to nothing to do with it: the merger pulled both down because of corporate greed and the availability of a lot of free cash available. 

New Driver

Understand that the "Merger of Equals" was entirely a scam by Daimler Benz to avoid paying a premium to stock holders, while Juergen Schremp admitted about a year later, on a TV interview. Our "esteemed" SEC never even charged him with fraud, let alone prosecute him! But they got that evil Marha Stewart!
It was ALWAYS a takeover using the $15B cash Chrysler had, to finance it. All made possible by bribing the top 5 executives, to not invoke the Iacocca-Kerkorian poison pill.
It is a complete fallacy that Chrysler pulled Mercedes down. People were sent to Germany to help them fix their quality problems so they wouldn't have thousands of cars needing repairs at the end of the assembly line. Add in German mismanagement of Chrysler and rather than helping Chrysler, they helped themselves to Chrysler innovations, and most of all, the cash cow that Chryler had, with the exciting LH cars and Dodge trucks, and the best selling minivans ever. AND the $15B cash in the bank. Chrysler should have, could have, bought Mercedes, at that point in time. But the German government would never have let that happen, unlike the US government bureaucrats and politicians.
Sadly, this will be the official demise of the Chrysler brand. NO actual Chrysler or Dodge cars are forthcoming, even if already designed, so they can milk 15 yer old designs a while longer. They have no regard for Chrysler history or innovation. Just milk it dry and use/abuse the remaining dealer body from the Fed decimation in 2008.

Intermediate Driver

i was chrysler tech for thirty years,they had some mis-steps but no worse than other manufacturers,the german ownership destroyed chrysler,fiat helped them come back,my saying for germans is they couldnt build belly buttons for raggedy ann dolls.i still own chysler products and enjoy my charger hellcat.i am very worried anout this merger

Intermediate Driver

And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice and let us sing and dance and ring in the new
Hail Stellantis!


I used to take Cerberus, but it always gave me those nagging side effects. When I told my doctor, he said "Let's try Stellantis. It's very similar to Cerberus, but the next generation."  Still. I worry that it's just another repackaging at higher prices.




One thing I know for sure; when Mercedes took over Freightliner the build quality of Freightliner trucks improved tremendously.