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Project Valentino: The restomod that actually added vent windows

Before the era of widespread air-conditioning and that whole science says smoking causes cancer thing, vent windows were a common sight on new cars. These windows—small pieces of openable glass in a car’s front door, offering a ready burst of fresh air—were so prevalent that vent-window delete kits are now commonly used when restoring vehicles. (No, really. Google it. That search will prepare you for the level of nonsense you’re about to behold.)


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Replies (8)

Replies (8)

Aww man, that is definitely a passion project!!

Hagerty Employee

I feel you! I once,  while restoring a replacement Escort, swapped doors from a Mercury Lynx onto  it specifically for the swing out vent windows! This is the first article I've seen on your project, and I'm looking forward to seeing the completion, Good Luck!  🙂

Pit Crew

My guess is that cars will come and go, but you'll keep this one. It's the perfect sleeper for that fedora wearing retiree. 

Intermediate Driver

I love your semi-Quixotic project and I love your well-crafted writing style (you even use the Oxford comma).  Hope to read more about this car.

Intermediate Driver

Well done, my friend!

Intermediate Driver

Funny, I did the same thing in my Porsche, I backdated wing windows in my 71 911ST Hotrod from a 68 911. With no A/C it can get quite toasty, it's nice to have directed blast of air on a sweltering day. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else do it.



That's another first for me. I had no idea power dropping vent windows existed. Which strikes me as curious since I always thought the benefit of vent windows was that you could aim it where you wanted it to. I was born in '78 so vent windows were all but gone when I reached the age to be interested in cars. Though oddly my first car, the Land Ark, possessed(s) them - and that means I've never not had vent windows in my fleet.


I have to say, I am starting to get really excited for you. I know you have a long way to go but getting past paint is a huge step.

Every time I see a pre 2000 Lincoln now I think of you. There's an 87 Conti for sale on my local Craigslist. It apparently ran when parked - so it's got that going for it.

Pit Crew

vinyl graphics job shops for automotive aftermarket use is darn near an industry unto itself.  Best part is the quality and pricing is better than OEM.  You say you already have digital files (hopefully in a commonly used industry format)?  Piece of wedding cake.  I'm not from Houston, but assuming you are where the car is, just ask around or chase down any vehicle you see unique graphics applied to (in my neck of the woods, the young contractors LOVE that stuff).  Still no joy?  PM me and I'll share contact info for my quality-first recommendations.