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Hagerty Employee

Praga: The oldest, fastest car company you’ve never heard of

When you think of great automotive nations, the Czech Republic is likely not top of the list. Dig deep and you might remember that VW-owned Skoda is Czech and that Tatra once made some extraordinary machines in the distant past, but chances are that Praga doesn’t ring a bell.


Praga makes planes, karts, some of the most-winning race cars in their class, and even dabbled in a wild road-going LMP-style machine.


The story begins in 1907 when the engineering firm was established in the Czech capital Prague ...


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The only thing I know about Czechoslovakia is I once owned a 1949 CZ 125 motorcycle made there. My first vehicle & at 13 I was living large. It was responsible for inspiring my passion for motorcycles. From there 1949 Indian Scout, 1962 250 Panonia, 1971 Kawasaki 500, 72 Kaw. 750, 76 KZ900 & 81 KZ1100. These bikes are now just a memory of my past but can't help think that the 49 CZ started it all. Thanks Czechoslovakia .

Advanced Driver

Tatra was the company I would follow over there...this must B 'whas goin on' over there since they broke the country into 3 in 1/1/93 (shame). Looks hot !


Czech engineering and workmanship is excellent and underrated. 

New Driver

Batman would have been proud to drive a Praga

Intermediate Driver

Unfortunately,  here in the US, I believe if you parked one in the Quail, most people would think thr R1R was home made high quality

New Driver

I believe Jawa motorcycles were Czech