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Porsche shifts its synthetic fuel project into high gear

Porsche is about to add “energy provider” to its resume.


Earlier in 2020, the German automaker caught us off-guard by announcing a significant investment in the development, production, and distribution of a synthetic fuel that can replace gasoline. Porsche sees this project as a way to keep classic cars on the road when and if fossil fuels are banned around the world. Bolstered by funding from Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, it’s shifting the project into high gear. It teamed up with Siemens Energy, among other partners, to begin building a pilot factory in Chile, and it plans to start distributing its synthetic fuel in the coming years.


Intrigued, we talked with Michael Steiner, Porsche’s research and development boss, and Karl Dums, its head of advanced powertrain development and powertrain strategy, to learn more about the project’s ins and outs.


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A much better choice than slave labor in Poland making it from from coal, but how is anyone to take seriously that in a world of new green deal Nazis, this synthetic fuel wouldn't be banned from distribution with a stroke of the blackmail pen? I would more applaud Porsche for using that funding for developing weapons to attack those who would ban fossil fuels.

I assume that there's no way Chile would ever nationalize that synthetic fuel plant, I mean, what are the odds that it would happen again since we all learned our  lesson when Mexico nationalized the US oil industry interests?