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Hagerty Employee

Porsche's off-roading 911 prototype, GM earmarks $7B for Michigan, Bugatti's not done with internal combustion

Intake: Spy photographers recently spotted an essentially production-ready Porsche 911 Safari out completing some winter testing. From the images, we can see that this prototype sports an increased ride height, new front and rear bumpers that appear mildly tucked to increase ground clearance at either end, and large wheels shrouded by plastic wheel arches.

So, not to nitpick, but Rimac said it would have a combustion engine and be like nothing the world has seen, not necessarily the W16 engine (which the world HAS already seen), so that could very well still be dead. I almost wonder if they would do something like Leno's 1916 Owen Magnetic, and have a "hybrid" that is powered by a gas engine/generator but uses electric motors for propulsion? That would be impressive.
Pit Crew

The take rate for a 911 Dakari to ever leave concrete is probably on par with the percent of Jeep Wranglers that get off road muddy.