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Hagerty Employee

Porsche's frying up an even bigger SUV, crate LS6 surfaces, Bolt production done for year

Editor's note: Dear readers, be advised that there will be no Manifold tomorrow, November 25. We simply couldn't make an editorial case for Big 10 rivalry results or the time-honored debate over boxed vs. homemade stuffing. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and if you want to kick back over the holiday weekend with some longer automotive reads, make sure you're signed up for our email newsletters.

Manzoni sounds like he should run Ferrari. “I personally believe we have to fight for this engine. From a technology point of view, it’s not the most efficient. A V-8 turbo could make it better in terms of performance. But from an emotional point of view, it’s the best you can have.” The very same argument could be made for the gated shifter. (And staying the hell away from any sort of electrification.)
Hagerty Employee

Here's another promising ray of light in the electrification onslaught, as far as Ferraris are concerned:

Thanksgiving greetings and best wishes to Manifold.
An electric Lancia is very interesting.
I'm not sure about Porsche SUVs. But I think SUVs are nonsense. Buy a long roof instead.
I never heard of Polestar until now; and if the intention is to design and build a car wherein
chips take over human judgment then I don't want any
part of it nor should anybody else. You should never, ever, put your life in the hands of a chip.

So mom drove a station wagon back in the days before minivans, where else were you supposed to put seven kids? Real SUVs were for off roading. the vast majority of "suvs" sold today are nothing more than tall station wagons for people with no taste.
Pit Crew

Since when was the LS6 big block factory rated at 350 HP. 450 HP according to GM literature. Even the LS5 was rated at 360 HP.