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Hagerty Employee

Porsche’s failed Indy Car racing program proved even the best can’t go it alone

Strategists from Stuttgart were confident that their mastery of nearly every sports car series they had ever entered would translate into a similar dominance of America’s oldest-running championship ... The German brain trust also opted to go it completely alone in developing its entire program, designing not just an engine suited for Indy’s high speeds, but also an all-new chassis, despite having close to zero experience with oval competition.


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Good article. Every form of racing has institutional knowledge that can only be obtained from people with recent experience in the sport. Race car development is a constantly moving target, and what worked in the past is rarely an indicator of what will work today, much less tomorrow. McLaren at Indy last year is another great example. They had all the right pieces, but lacked the logistics and experience required to put them together into a winning package.   

New Driver

Interesting article.  My take-away is that this is more an indictment of the IndyCar establishment and their use of politics to block a potential competitor than of Porsche.  But them I have always loathed victories won based on politics rather than performance.  I understand that politics are part of the game in life, but I don't like it.  CS 

Pit Crew

Nice read, sounds like mismanagement, poor leadership, and ego got the best of Porsche. 


Interesting takeaways by the author.  What Cart wouldn't have given to have stable team membership later on.  My take-way is that short sighted governing bodies should embrace the new instead of trying to protect the establishment.  Politics ruins true competition every time. 

New Driver

the basic problem was rule makers messing with them...that's pretty much it.  I knew when I saw the 'pushrod' rules that Penske would figure out something that would eliminate any interesting innovation at indy forever


I used to attend the Portland 200 Indycar race - usually held on Father's Day - between 1984 and 1993.  The group I went with drew car numbers and put money in a pool.  One year I drew #8, the Quaker State Porsche, and I was happy, since I was driving an '88 924S at the time.  The car didn't win, but was moderately competitive since Fabi and the March were okay on the road course where downforce wasn't as important as on the ovals.  Since Fittipaldi was my favorite driver, I think that was the only year out of 20when I really wanted a Porsche to win!