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Hagerty Employee

Porsche's 631-hp über Cayenne, factory heritage parts for Supra, Slovakian car takes to the skies | Hagerty Media

Intake: Porsche just unveiled a new sporting variant of its Cayenne SUV, the Turbo GT. It's meant to be the crown jewel of the Cayenne lineup, with a ridiculously powerful twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 that boasts 631 hp and 626 lb-ft, gains of 90 ponies and 59 twists over the regular Cayenne Turbo Coupe.
Intermediate Driver

not really to interested in these types of vehicles but great to know that Ford is so willing to go the extra distance to make a model that appeals to them!!

A few takes since nobody asked:
- how badly do you think they wanted that porker porsche Turbo to hit 3 seconds 0-60?
- a 21 year old nanny in L.A. named Bianca - sounds like the beginning of some of those letters that used to be in he adult magazine section....
- the tesla has the same "steering wheel" (yoke) as this plane/car but it can't fly lol
- that plane/car would be ideal for Harrison Ford, just saying
Intermediate Driver

Seein' how Pourshay typically under-advertises it's performance #'s wanna bet some magazine(s) beat that 3s mark by a bit??

“Porsche’s deft tuning helped the Cayenne Turbo GT blitz the Nürburgring Nordschleife in just 7:38.9, a new official SUV lap record for the 12.9-mile full course.” In related news, Usain Bolt is going to see how fast he can run the 100m sprint in a suit of armor.