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Hagerty Employee

Porsche reveals the 2021 911 GT3

A new GT3 model from Porsche is always going to get enthusiasts in a spin—even if the new model in question is essentially only the slightest change of ingredients in a familiar recipe. The changes to the 911 GT3 are modest—at least they are to the untrained eye—but who cares when it’s one of the greatest naturally aspirated sports cars money can buy?


The German automaker, never one to miss an opportunity for self-promotion, has released pictures of a prototype of the 992-generation 911 GT3. And behind the bluster and blurb is a simple takeaway: the road-going racer is faster than ever.


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nice, but i’m afraid it’s the same old shoot-em-up in the same old rodeo;


we’re talking about a mid-1960s design that descended from the 356 bathtub Porsche which itself descended—postwar—from Hitler’s people or minus a Tiger tank or two;


all that seems innovative is the over-engineering rationalisation to justify the continually stratospheric price;


rather buy a TVR and pocket the difference in cost after picking up a good used 993 Ducati and a vintage Spitfire watch;

Intermediate Driver

If you don’t understand the consistency of the Porsche design philosophy, you won’t be able to appreciate the “same, but different” approach to updating the 911 (or the similar look of the Boxster/Cayman twins). That’s ok, only true Porschephiles need apply.


Glad to see Porsche listening to real customers instead of computer chair number fetishists, and offering a manual transmission on launch. Many real customers don't give a damn if the pdk is faster on a track, they buy cars to drive on the road and buy a GT3 for maximum fun and want that option. And if people want to buy one to commute with and crawl in traffic or to actually take to a track on a regular basis, they get their pdk, too. Well done.


Tom9716 has it exactly right about the consistency in Porsche’s design philosophy. Just look at the 911 RSR and how its, uh, errr, ummmmmm........obviously not intended for True Porschephiles. 🤣

Advanced Driver

would be iteresting to see a list of speedlimits of all the countrys that have people that can afford one of these rockets