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Hagerty Employee

Porsche puts new spin on turbocharging, Honda's surprisingly handsome HRV, hi-po Escalade looms large

Intake: A patent application filed by Porsche provides a new spin on turbocharging. The system has no less than three turbines, but they work together in a rather novel way. Two small spinners are places in the exhaust system and, rather than providing boost, they're used to generate electricity.
Hagerty Employee

fascinating idea, re: triple turbine patent, but have to laugh at Porsche adding yet ANOTHER entry in its dictionary under "turbo"

Ferrari 288 GTO, one of my favorites right up there with the F40.

Supercharged Escalade? I'm surprised they never did it before as the aftermarket has. Not the vehicle I want to be driving fast in but it will sell.
Advanced Driver

Every time energy is transformed there is loss. Porsche electric turbo via electricity generated using regular turbos sounds like a match of inefficiency and complexity. Then again if they are storing the electric energy to be used as boost at a later time...maybe. I will rather have regular turbos, thank you very much.

I was thinking along the same lines. Why not just a bigger alternator?

The alternator is engine driven and saps power from the engine when under load.

Carvana reminds me of the vaporware bust companies of the early 2000s....
While they actually have a product to sell, they are burning through cash - a lot - and their BS valuation being higher than GM's shows you how screwed up the market actually is. How long until those stupid "car vending machines" are looked upon as a bad joke?
Intermediate Driver

Without some electricity storage, the boost in Porsche's new turbo scheme is only independent of engine speed if the rpm is high enough to spin those turbines generating the juice. Alternatively, if those turbines are small enough to generate electricity at very low rpm, then they will create enough back pressure that the juice they generate isn't free. The details will determine how well this design works.

I can tell Carvana's really burning up the market, disrupting the industry in really big ways. There's one of those car vending machine buildings not far from where I work. I think it's a gym now...