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Hagerty Employee

Porsche expands Exclusive and Classic programs, adds "One-Off" individualization for cars old and new | Hagerty Media

By now it should be obvious that there is immense interest and demand for individualized, highly modified Porsche 911s, with examples in some cases selling for millions of dollars. What if you could theoretically get that same level of customization for your classic Porsche, or even for your brand-new one, albeit with the factory's direct blessing?

I was just looking at 928's yesterday, prices are UP! Love the look, timeless to me (928). I like them all, but the 928 really gets me going.
New Driver

To JohninNC
I am the ORIGINAL OWNER of a 1983 928S. It's been in storage for 35 years and is currently at a Porsche restoration shop in NY for tires, battery and complete go over. It has...(sit down) approx 9,000 ORIGINAL miles on it. So much more to tell but the problem is how do we contact each other? I don't want to violate the HAGGERTY terms of service.
Please, does anyone have any suggestions?
Pit Crew



i had a bad experience with a 911 and for where I live (Left Coast) and the kind of driving I do a 912
fixed window Targa would be perfect. I am negotiating for more space and when the lease is signed I'll get serious about finding one. They are lovely cars. And I'm not a lightweight.