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Hagerty Employee

Porsche drops ducktail nostalgia bomb, Ford's second electric truck, manual Supra details

Intake: Porsche has raided its archives yet again to create a second model in its Heritage Design collectors' editions. Like the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Edition, this one-dubbed the 911 Sport Classic (SC)-blends an enticing menu of components into something worth lusting after: widebody rump, double-bubble roof, ducktail spoiler, mighty 543-hp engine, rear-drive, and a seven-speed manual gearbox.

That Porsche Sport Classic is a very good looking car I thought when I saw the photos, then I scrolled down and saw the Supra and felt a little sick.

I've always admired 65-66 Porsche coupe designs, and this one isn't far off the mark. I am
negotiating for an early Boxter, aware of the IMS Bearing issues, and I have a bid on an
Automatic VW Karmann Ghia. Is that weird, or what?
The Chryslers are all running well, and I have a 307,000 mile Honda that runs like a prince,
inherited from some friends who decided the hell with it and moved across the Country.
The first Polestar I saw was very handsome, electric cars seem to be ugly as a group.
Ford doesn't understand that without an infrastructure, meaning many charging stations,
someone will write a big check for a truck that goes 400 miles. Big deal.

Dear God, I want that Porsche. I mean...I want a job that pays enough so I can buy that Porsche. Well...technically, I want a time machine to return me to 1987, so I can pick a different career path, that will lead to a job, that will allow me to buy that Porsche!

I like the ducktail rump on the 911. It still works well.

Toyota's Z4 Coupe with a manual is coming late this year, so basically it's a 2023 model? This is so dragged out. I'm sure a few people will care.