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Hagerty Employee

Porsche doubles down on e-fuels with $75M investment

Porsche has become a growing proponent in the world of e-fuels in recent years, and the company is doubling down on that commitment as it invests in a leading global producer of the fuels. Also known as synthetic fuels, e-fuels are designed to sidestep the carbon footprint of conventional fossil fuel.

But at what cost?  I hope they find a way as this could help the hobby as more ethanol is dumped into our fuels globally. 

Intermediate Driver

That is the primary use case for now...keeping old cars on the track. Look how much per gallon for 100+ octane at the paddock pump...This is totally realistic. The next question I willing to pay $8 per gallon? People that drive econoboxes will say no freakin way!! However...for those of us that drive cars because we LIKE our cars, the way they feel, the way they make us feel...I say YES! I am way more than willing to pay that kind of money to continue driving my Porsches (that will be total classics by the time $8 e-fuel is real) and enjoy the engineering that was so carefully baked into a fine piece of art. I may not choose a Porsche ICE to get the groceries every time but I would still go on roadtrips and overlanding, and race track days, and sunset drives down Hwy 1 every other day, that is for SURE!

I expect too this is to preempt the coming increases in Ethanol in Europe as it will eat the air cooled cars alive. 

I am sure they will have several octane levels and cost but none will be cheap. 

But my uncle just filled his Carrera at a cost of $95 in California. 


I think synthetic fuels is a great idea. Of course, if anyone can actually make it work, for a reasonable price, the green people will soon come up with a strategy to cancel and/or destroy the industry, because it goes against their strategy of eliminating individual freedom. 🙂 But, that's free enterprise...
Intermediate Driver

This is really great. If it keeps our Crackle Pops crackling and popping, I'm all for it.
Advanced Driver

One side of synthetic fuels which I think is so far not discussed is that using them would potentially separate the cost of fuel at the pump from the cost of oil, and from all the other things which use oil and hence compete for price in the oil market. If your cost to manufacture synthetic gasoline which uses wind/solar/small nuclear/etc power is only based on your capital cost to create the manufacturing facility and then the local labor rates, you'll potentially disconnect the price consumers pay at the pump from other global events and markets.
If smaller synthetic fuel manufacturing sites can be built for local markets, the transportation cost for the fuel to reach the pump will also be much lower, again reducing fluctuations in the price. The main driver of gas prices then will just be the consumer demand. This may stabilize gas prices, which is a valuable thing, even if it's at $8/gallon.