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Hagerty Employee

Porsche celebrates 70 years in America

Seventy years ago, in the turbulent autumn of 1950, America had his hands full, both at home and abroad. U.S. soldiers were entrenched in the initial months of the Korean War, and McCarthyism—a campaign to root out alleged communists in the U.S. government—raged stateside. In the midst of those rising tensions, a meeting between two visionaries from opposite sides of the Atlantic formed an automotive partnership between former combatant countries, one that proved historic and long-lasting ... Read the full article on


Advanced Driver

I wanted to read this Article, "Porsche Celebrates 70 years...", but the first sentence stopped me"  "Seventy years ago, in the turbulent autumn of 1950, America had HIS hands full,..." (Caps are mine).  What's the "his" supposed to mean?  I thought about it, re-read t he sentence a couple of times--then it hit me.  The author is being PC.  Doesn't want to say "...America had HER hands full...".  At least, that's all that I could glean from this.  You know, most of us would have, by habit, said..."America had ITS hands full..."  What happens if, God forbid, the word "hands" becomes politically incorrect.  Are we going to have to say "...had its FEET full..."?  GOSH!!!!!


I’m thinking that it was an inadvertent typo, not an intentional sexist slight. The article was well written and provided excellent historical information on Porsche (the company) in America. Thanks, Hagerty.

Hagerty Fan
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McCarthyism? Sen Joe McCarthy was scoffed, bullied and derailed 70 years ago and driven to drink himself to death. He's laughing from the grave now at us and saying "I tried like hell to warn ya. Now your country and worse, your government, is loaded with em"!