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Hagerty Employee

Porsche begins investing in synthetic fuels to keep classics on the road

Let’s leave 2020 behind for a moment and travel to 2040. Government regulations have escorted the internal combustion engine off of the global stage, every car sold new is powered by either electricity or hydrogen, and you’re still holding on to the stunning 912 your grandfather purchased in 1967. As it stands, taking it for a spin without replacing the flat-four with an electric motor will be difficult. Porsche has a promising alternative solution: Synthetic fuels.


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Sorry, unacceptable, and am I the only one to find it ironic that "green nazis" could make German production of synthetic fuel necessary? 


The reality is Gas is not going to vanish. Automakers do have plans for ICE till 2050. Also the number of other things using gas like mowers and such will still need fuel. I could not mow my property with a EV. 


There is a danger it may get more expensive but it will be around. I think this is what Porsche is looking at. 


The only real danger are if the Green Agenda people start running rampant with executive orders etc. But I could see much public push back on this. Even rebellion. 




No IF about it, especially if/when the Harris Presidency begins in a few months. Public push back? Like in N. Korea? 😉
Advanced Driver

The 'government' is going to murder every member of the middle class before they end the use of petroleum. 


No such thing as renewable energy. Once used it's spent, over and done with. You have to replace it. So it's replaceable energy.