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Hagerty Employee

Pontiac Trans Am from McQueen’s last movie is up for sale

Two years ago, we shared the crazy story of the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am that Steve McQueen drove in his final movie, The Hunter. And if you’re a McQueen fan, the story just got better: the car is for sale ... Read the full article on



It appears the one in the movie has cloth seats. 

New Driver

If you restore it you just have another "Smokey & the Bandit" car....... Trashed and bleeding  and as Mc Queen's last ride, it could be marketable

Intermediate Driver

The best use of this car is to become either a large coffee table or scrap metal. What's the point of trying to resurrect it?  


The car in the chase probably isn't the one that got blown up.

Pit Crew

The transmission would've been a 3 speed automatic, not a 4 speed.  I'm sure some idiot with more money than sense will feel like he's got a real piece of automotive history and wildly overpay for it.  When in reality, he has a pile of parts that was in a movie for 2-3 minutes and got destroyed.  *Gigantic rolling eyes*


Wow. Really stretching the "famous or rare" definitions here! Just link it to McQueen and the Bullitt Mustang and bang....$$$$. "Gigantic rolling eyes here, too"!!!

Intermediate Driver

They'll call the new owner "The Hunter" because he will spend eternity hunting for parts.

Intermediate Driver

Today's special at Carlyle Motors:  Classic vintage Trans Am, ultra low miles.  Professionally maintained Hollywood car.  Engine loaded with lots of extra firepower, blown by industry professionals.  Top speed, 140 mph forward, 320 mph in reverse.  Idles totally silent.  Some cosmetic damage, engine did have slight detonation when last run.  Serious offers only, inquire with manager.

Pit Crew

If that were in my driveway, the HOA would pitch a fit.