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Hagerty Employee

Pontiac Trans Am escapes (mostly) unscathed after 30 years in junk jail | Hagerty Media

A survivor 1978 Trans Am that's almost completely original was recently pulled from storage and put up for sale on eBay. Despite its long slumber, this proud bird looks to be just a few wrenching sessions from being roadworthy. With five days left in the auction, the price has already exceeded the no.
Advanced Driver

The "missing door trim" was a dealer-installed (or owner-installed) item. The car looks much better without it, but I'm sure it helped fend off a lot of door dings over the years.

8" snowflakes means it should be a WS-6, and I don't recall if you could get that package with the Olds engine or not.


The "Z" in the VIN indicates a 400cid Pontiac. A "K" would have been the 403 Olds engine.