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Hagerty Employee

Plan your next great escape on this ex-McQueen Husqvarna | Hagerty Media

A 1971 Husqvarna 250 Cross motorcycle owned and ridden by Steve McQueen is for sale at approximately 20 times the price of an equivalent without the King of Cool kudos. The Swedish dirt bike is being offered up for $125,000 by a Phoenix dealer on while our Hagerty valuation tool puts an excellent condition machine at just $6200.
Pit Crew

I grew up in Riverside California and we would go to Elsinore to watch the Elsinore Grand Prix. I went in 1971 and watched Steve McQueen race.I would say that there is a good possibility this is the same motorcycle I saw him ride that day 50 years ago.
Pit Crew

See There are advantages of being an old fart like myself.

And whatever happened to the dune buggy from the movie Thomas Crowne Affair with Faye Dunnaway co-starring?
New Driver

Recently bought a 71 250 WR because I had a 1974 250 WR. When the guy started it - it was sold.
I did 2 seasons of endoros and lots of fun riding on it. What a GREAT bike!
New Driver

Steve McQueen's 1947 Indian is on display at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, and they used to have his beat-up Chevy pickup Camper where he would sleep in the desert!
Pit Crew

What happened to Jacqueline Bisset’s Porsche 356 from “Bullitt”?

Nik, the celebrity aspect has nothing to do with the bike. It's either good or it isn't. And the price is irrational.
Stay well.

I agree, but I bet we're both wrong.
New Driver

fifty years ago I was in film school at UCLA. I rode a Honda 160 to school. on my lunch break I would ride up Beverly Glenn Cyn to a fire road and put around the hills. My books tied to the back fender and of course no helmut. On day I heard the sound of a two stroke coming my way. It was McQueen on this bike. He gave me a smile and headed off through the chaparel. He looked like a butterfly on that bike just floating over the dry brush. I followed on my four stroke. I only saw dust. I made a sharp turn to the right thinking I was keeping up. He had turned left and I flew over an edge cut into the hillside by a new housing developer. My bike and I flew through the air and torpedoed into a hill of sifted back fill. I limped home to Mom in one gear and cables dragging along westwood blvd. Never thought I'd ever see this bike again. Very Cool. GB


Who makes that stand?
Pit Crew

Can someone explain to me why this bike is valued at $ 125,000 just because a human named Steve McQueen once owned it? If Joe blow owned the same exact bike its value would be about 5 grand. Obviously celebrities mean nothing to me, they basically act in plays.
Intermediate Driver

Like anything else-it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

Some of you folks apparently haven't paid attention: anything with a McQueen connection brings huge money. Sure, it may be a similar item that other folks own, but beyond a "normal" celebrity connection, he was arguably the coolest of them all, and had actual chops when it came to the manly stuff. What used to be called A Man's Man. I'm not a celebrity worshipper - I'm plenty familiar with the Hollywood deal - but I know an icon when I see one, and so does the market.
Intermediate Driver

I just may be too cool especially when I am doing yard work with my Husky helmet with screened faceguard and my husky rancher chain saw and high end weed eater. Still doing all that while riding on this bike would probably even make ol' Steve proud.
Advanced Driver

Quite a bit of displacement for a 2 stroke.

Nice bike...the coolest part of McQueen was he loved motorcycles...And he loved racing them. And competed as Harvey Mushman...just to try and hide in plain sight. I'm most drawn to the bike for the way the man loved it and all things 2 and 4 wheels. Kind of like Paul Newman. An actor who found he was a race car driver, and could afford to do it, and well. Steve's the 'same' guy, that way IMHO.