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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: Toyota’s non-hybrid, hybrid engine

Al writes:

I have an early ’70s vintage Toyota 2TG engine that I made into a hybrid 3T/2TG to get it up to about a 1.8 liters. I marked the two sets of timing chains and cams when I removed the heads to make sure it would go back together as it should. No matter how I position the chains and cams, I cannot get it all to line up as it was. It seems to be out a half degree on one cam.


The Toyota service manual makes reference to special tools to align the cams and chains. These aren’t readily available. Is there a way to make sure the components won’t self destruct without the special guides? The last thing I want is this self destructing when I fire it up. I’ve spun it all manually and via the starter and everything turns; I’m just trying to avoid a latent timing issue when I tune it. Any advice on setting up the DOHC cams will be appreciated.


Sajeev answers:

I’ve been privy to hybrid motor swaps in the Datsun Z-car world, but they were all overhead cam (OHC) motors ... 


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New Driver

A little clarity is needed.  It was and is a DOHC.  All that was swapped was the 3tc rotating assembly to give it .2 more liters.  Thats why Im confused.  The head and all timing components remain the same.

Community Manager

I hate to admit it, but I am still stumped as to why this is happening.