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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: The sabbatical for automotive restoration?

Hello Mr. Sajeev, I just bought a 1960 Porsche 356, and I want to learn how to restore it properly. Where can I learn about the proper restoration process? I have restored a MGA 1950 and a Land Rover Series II. I did it with good quality providers and original parts.

Best thing to do is read up and learn just what is in your wheel house and what is not.

Not only knowing what and how to do something but to have the correct tools and shop to do it.

Example. Many of us can do the electrical and mechanical but we lack the skill or tools to do a proper body and paint. So we send that out as it is cheaper and likely it will be a better job than if we did it at home.

Few people do a full restoration unless they are fully trained or have a full shop. Much like working at home. Many of us can repair a sink or furnace but we can not replace a foundation.

Many of us who do have additional. Skills learned them as Sanjeev stated by helping in others shops and or went to school. This is time consuming and great to do if you plan to continue to do more restorations in the future.

If you plan to learn body work I would recommend buying an older less valuable car to learn on first. The like shown here is not the best for learning on.

Fix up a beater you can buy cheap and resell at a profit then once confident move to more valuable Cars.
New Driver

Actually, Sanjeev - this has the makings of a great article in Hagerty’s magazine. Why don’t you come up with a directory of places where you can take courses? Eclectic Motorworks or Tin Man Garage for metal work? Knowledge Gruppe for 996 and air cooled 911 engine rebuilds (unfortunately Bruce Anderson passed away so I don’t think the air cooled Porsche engine rebuild school he ran is still available). Lots of other skills you could come up with a directory for: welding, upholstery, body work and painting……. Hagerty had a “Bring back shop class” campaign going for a while….why aren’t you all helping to direct your customers to institutions that can teach them to restore cars and add to the number of vehicles you insure?
Community Manager

That's a very good question, I will discuss this internally!