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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: Repair or replace rusty fuel lines?

What is the best process to clean out fuel line that is rusty inside? I would normally replace but this one is really hard to replace. Sajeev answers: Hi, Tom. The answer is simple: There is no best process to remove rust from a fuel line.

Another option is to replace the metal line with polymer. Very easy to work with and using a compression fitting, easy to mate with a short metal stub at either end.

The thing is to figure out where the rust is. Is it the lines? tank? Both?

Many times the rust can be stale gas in the tank. It can be flushed and then add a larger inline filter.

Generally I would just replace the lines. Most cars are available now in kits and in stainless. If you want to save money and Ave the basics making lines is not all that difficult.

Just avoid the quick and dirty Copper line way out. Copper can split and become a fire danger. Same with some plastic and rubber lines in the wrong places on some cars.

I know there is some copper out now for fuel lines but I recommend sticking with the steel.
Advanced Driver

Fuel lines that are rusty on the inside are on their way to rusting through and leaking.
Replacing fuel and brake lines is a nasty job, but the alternative could be watching your car burn to the ground some day.

Absolutely. I’ve owned several cars that the interwebs claim to be “fire hazards”, but the reality is the vast majority of the problems stem from old fuel lines that were fine...until they weren’t.

Folks, no matter what you drive, please replace old fuel lines. They are consumable items. They were never meant to last a lifetime. If you have to question whether or not it’s safe it probably isn’t.
Pit Crew

Why is this even a discussion??? If your fuel lines are rusty, inside or out, REPLACE them. Period.