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Piston Slap: Pi are square in the Studebaker's engine displacement | Hagerty Media

Kevin writes: My '64 Studebaker Daytona has its original 289 cid V-8 and has had the cylinders bored out 0.060. Can you tell me what the displacement would be now? Sajeev answers: Oh man, I am totally getting flashbacks to grade school math class! Calculating engine displacement requires determining three values: The number of cylinders, [...]
Intermediate Driver

"which is π times the radius, squared"
The comma in your expression of the formula implies the wrong calculation IMHO .
The formula is "pi times R to the second power" which is executed as: pi times (radius squared). You have to square the radius before multiplying by pi.
Your original statement gives the impression of: "(pi times radius), squared" which gives a vastly different and incorrect answer. Perhaps to be more clear express as: "π, times the radius squared"
Intermediate Driver

Also reminds me of the scene from the Beverly Hillbillies, when Jethro is explaining to Uncle Jed what he learned in school that day:
Jethro: "I learned pi R squared"
Uncle Jed: "Pies ain't square boy, They's round. Corn bread's square"
Community Manager

Oh yeah, "π, times the radius squared" is the accurate and clearer way to write out a formula. I made that change now. 

Still can't believe I had to write that formula out in the first place, but whatever!