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Piston Slap: Oil Consumption on an Imperial Scale?

Hagerty’s very own Don Sherman writes:


I have a 1965 Chrysler Imperial powered by a 413 cid V-8.  It runs well but consumes a quart of oil every 150 miles.  I suspect faulty valve stem seals.  Do you concur?  Can they be replaced WITHOUT yanking the heads or other more involved procedures?


Sajeev answers:


While bad valve stem seals aren’t a common problem on Chrysler’s “wedge” engines, anything can happen on a 45 year old car!




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patience and the right tools? there's some crazy talk!

Glad to see you Sajeev, you have landed in a fine place. Hope the Best and Brightest are following you here. (If they did not then they wouldn't be "best and brightest" now would they?)

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