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Piston Slap: Getting your bearings straight on a worn Wagovan

Lawerence writes:

I picked up a 1987 Honda Wagovan that has a beginning rattle in the bottom end. It has almost no rust, pretty straight body, but the 1.5 CVCC engines are anemic and prone to oil pump problems. So can the bearings be swapped out while the engine is in the car? Have you done so? (Sadly no. - SM)
It's an AWD, so is there a later model engine that is easily swappable, maintaining the AWD and six-speed gearbox?


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

Sajeev,  thank you for confirming what my limited research ability had shown.


I am salivating in anticipation of the possible joy of dealing with a 32 year old rusty exhaust system as a warm up for things to come. 


Day one begins with loose juice I and trying to find a replacement front exhaust pipe.

Or maybe just punt.

Pit Crew

One of my favorite cars of all time. Sajeev, you're a legend for writing an article on this magnificent specimen of a car!

Hagerty Employee