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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: Flexin’ the Corvair’s frame?

Tito writes:

Hi Sajeev, I wrote to you a long time ago at another blog in a galaxy far, far way asking which car my mom should buy after totaling her old Scion. The eventual answer ended up being “nothing” for many years. I basically forced her to stop dilly dallying and buy something, so she bought a new Kia Forte because it was cheap and had all the bells and whistles she wanted. Anyway, since you asked for more Piston Slap, I’ve got a classic car query for you. I have a ’65 Chevy Corvair Monza convertible ...


Sajeev answers:

No, thank you for keeping the Piston Slap flame alive all these years! The Corvair was the first unibody vehicle made by General Motors/Fisher Body, but chassis integrity never came into question ...


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get the windshield re-set with today's adhesive-I had same car same issue--windshield reset FIXED the issue !!!

Community Manager

Wow, now that is a good idea! 

New Driver

Fascinating idea! What are the chances that the windshield gets broken taking it out to reseal it?

New Driver

A little more context about the car: as far as I know it's mostly been a California car, but I have no way to say 100%. When I bought the car, I was able to track down one of the previous owners, and it turns out he had found the car in about 2001 in an estate sale out of Fresno, where the car had been sitting since 1971. He restored it when he bought it, which DID involve replacing the floor under the rear seat, but otherwise, the car seems pretty rust free.

I'll definitely check all the bushings. One things I've learned about a lot of the parts available nowadays, reproduction or just the modern variant, are hardly up to snuff when compared to OEM quality (I'm looking at you mechanical fuel pumps!), so even with the front end having been rebuilt shortly prior to my ownership, the parts may not be holding as well as they should for their age/mileage. They may look correct but just don't last.