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Piston Slap: Finding the Egyptian Buick a forever home in Cincinnati?

Ashraf writes: 

Can you help with importing a classic car? I am planning to import my Buick Skylark (1978) from Egypt to Cincinnati, OH in the USA. I found that it’s mandated by the US customs that “the classic car should be in its original condition.” My question is based on your experience, what is exactly meant by original condition? I have attached some photos for my car and as you see it needs a lot of work: I am planning to repaint it, renew the interior and change the wheels, replace some rusty parts under the hood and add some features like A/C and new radio. Does any of this work change the car condition from being original?


This car has matching numbers, has the original engine, transmission, driveshaft axles and differential. I have contacted US customs many times , but I couldn’t get a strict answer. Your help will be greatly appreciated!


Sajeev answers: 

I am likely your best source, since I imported a 1983 Ford Sierra from the U.K. a few years ago ... Read the full article on



Thanks Sajeev for that valuable information , you are really the right person !!

yes,, this car is 1979 model , not 1978

Community Manager

Best of luck with your journey!