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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: Can a new part kill its old neighbors?

I recently spent an awful lot of money on a new clutch for my 1984 Porsche 944. Within 30 days, I came out one morning and my clutch pedal went almost all the way to the floor. I figured it was an adjustment that was made when I had the clutch put in that had loosened and caused the slack in the pedal.
Advanced Driver

Well said. I've been down that road before trying at the time to save some bucks. It reminds me of the old English phrase "penny wise & pound foolish"

Agreed, well said and explained, Sajeev!

Used to have to explain to customers that asked for a "valve job" that renewing the cylinder head(s) would cause the engine in question to become an oil burner. The old rings would have more cylinder pressure on them because of the improved valve sealing and allow oil to be sucked past them and into the combustion chambers during the intake stroke. We would offer the customer two options: rebuild the entire engine or buy a new crate unit.

Intermediate Driver

I have always said, if you ever wanted a car to die, just let it is around. Age will wear one out more often than miles will. I am also a firm believer of "while I was in there and replace as much as possible especially when it comes to rubber and plastic vacuum lines.