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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: A rude awakening after a Roller's hibernation | Hagerty Media

I have a 1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II with 58,000 kilometers (36,040 miles). It's in good condition; it's even been a class winner! Last spring, after coming out of storage, there's been a sudden introduction of tappet-like noise when I started it up.
Advanced Driver

If these are "flat tappet" lifters, then putting used lifters on a used cam lobe is asking for trouble.....

- Jim
Advanced Driver

I've only had limited experience with these engines, but I wouldn't get into any engine work unless you have a lot of experience, and know about the construction of the engines. They have removable cylinder liners. If you have to remove the head to get the lifters out, you will probably have to remove the loners to replace the seals at the bottom of them. This is a total engine rebuild.

A long shot for the noise might be the hydraulic pump. These Rolls-Royces have a hydraulic-pneumatic system, licensed from Citroen. French engineering, British craftsmanship. What could go wrong?

Good luck.