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Piston Slap: A necessary adjustment for a Mini that's lashing out | Hagerty Media

Michael writes: Hi Sajeev, I have a 1990 Mini Mayfair 998. We've owned it since 2017 when we imported it from Japan. When we first got the car we ran through it and got it running fairly well. We've put approximately 5000 miles on it since we've got it.
New Driver

Sajeev, thanks for looking into this question. About the time I submitted the question I did go ahead and adjust the valve lash using the Hanes manual, the very same same video you posted above and a video from Classic Mini DIY (a fantastic source). A good set of feeler gauges are a must and they are handy for other jobs as well. The car has been running well since.
Community Manager

Victory!  Glad to hear you took the plunge and it all worked out! 


Ooooo! Sounds like time for an engine swap! 🙂
It's never too late to put a nice V8 and a 5-speed in that Mini. I'm sure a 289-302 Ford will fit. maybe even a small block Chevy; not an LS, that's just not right, but a nice 283 or even a 327.
Given the size restrictions, I'd probably opt for the Ford, even though I'm not really a Ford guy, they are a bit smaller in envelope that most other V8's for the swap. 🙂

Love the car, especially the paint color!