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Piston Slap: A kill switch will help keep your Eldorado safe | Hagerty Media

Where is the best place to put a kill switch on a 1971 Cadillac Eldorado convertible? Sajeev answers: A simple question with a simple answer: Put it in the hardest place to reach, possibly under the hood near the starter solenoid's wiring harness.
New Driver

Instead of running heavy switches and wiring simply run a relay to connect the fuel pump or neutral safety switch circuit that can use a very small, easy to hide, switch.

Good and useful information!

Way back when, I heard of someone making use of an old Model T ignition coil, set up to deliver a "message" to would-be thieves. It may have been apocryphal, but I recall it every now and then; usually with a smile.
Intermediate Driver

i use a switch, inline to the starter relay , so you have to turn the key AND press the hidden switch at the same time, its a spring loaded push button, hidden under the carpet or possibly on the edge of the seat frame or ...

also the TBI chevrolets used a oil pressure switch to operate the fuel pump.
a spring loaded switch to run the fuel pump or coil, until the oil pressure switch takes over would also work.
Pit Crew

Alternatively, just have insurance and don't worry about it too much. I even think there's a company that specializes in classic car insurance and will write an agreed-value policy, but I'm having trouble remembering the name...
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Wow, if only I knew the name too! I mean, it's literally on the tip of my tongue! 

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I always took the coil to cap wire with me when it would be parked for a while in public. But taking the the rotor makes a ton of sense, less noticeable for sure.