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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: A DeSoto's drippy Will Carter?

David writes: I just rebuilt the Carter WCFB four-barrel on my '56 Desoto Fireflite 330 Hemi. Prior to the rebuild it started very easily, now it won't start without a shot of starting fluid. The spark plugs appear wet. After I get it running (with starting fluid) it runs great, stronger than before the rebuild.

Pretty sure you have the problem surrounded with help from Mike at Mike's Carb parts! Love his website. So much good info on all kinds of carbs.
When I was younger; we just thought of a WCFB as being a good excuse for an AFB conversion. Or even better, a new manifold and a Holley carb. 🙂
Advanced Driver

ACTUALLY, for street and general hwy driving, the Carters are generally outclassed by a conversion to the Quadrajet system .. IF you can find a manifold to fit between that Qjet and your stock engine. Properly jetted and set up, Qjets provide surprisingly good fuel economy as well as quick kick-in of those massive secondaries. just sayin'